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You know when u get the feeling that someone makes you so mad and so insane sometimes that you guys want to kill them. I have this one friend who always thinks that if i am not hanging with her or always with her that i am not her friend and it bugs the FUCKING SHIT about me….  I can’t wait to be done with high school

San Diego Trip!!!!! <3

Just got back from San Diego and have a awesome trip with the track team. Enjoyed running on the beach, going to Disney Land, San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park. Most importantly we had awesome track meets and got to meet many new friends. Not to mention I got a PR in long jump of 13ft!! — feeling tired, happy,.

Not my best day of singing but i sure love it and i was having a really hard day too so don’t JUDGE ME. I felt like shit ok and life sucked then and voice cracked

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